Joplin & Josephine testimonials

jj_stripON DANCIN’ AS JO:

What a show! My husband and I watched the video together. You really captured the sprightly spirit of Ms. Josephine. You did an awesome job. Also, your comments about the performance were intriguing. This week, my literature class read Ralph Ellison’s “Battle Royal.” I talked to them about the origin of Jim Crow and showed them a film clip of a man in black face dancing to “Jump Jim Crow” in a minstrel show. I am working your video into my lesson plan for tomorrow, as we will discuss entertainment during that era.

Loved your dance and leaves flickering in the twists of autumn sun, whose shine can’t hold a shadow on your smile
– B

Hello – I happened to see your Josephine Baker performance at the Strand Theatre and I thought it was brilliant. The piano (which I think is your design, right?) also looks great.

I hope you don’t mind me contacting you directly, but I just wanted to say thanks for making that day a little (a lot) better, and unexpectedly so.
– H


Hey there I met you for a bit after your fashion show in Somerville – probably don’t remember. I loved your stuff very cool and thought provoking. I loved your play on the gender theme and just what you did with it all. I went to see your piano today and have to tell you just how awe-inspiringly beautiful it is!! It’s one thing to see the pictures of your progress and another to see it in person, damn girl. I have to say it pushed me a little bit more for the next for fun project I am going to be starting hopefully soon lol. How long did it take you do fully complete that? How long did it take you to come up with the concept of what you wanted it to look like and such? What other things are you working on currently?

Hope to hear back from you

Pampster- words cannot express how amazing your Piano Project was. Embodying Josephine Baker, Joplin and the politics behind them was genius, and very apropos. But your piano. Sweet Moses. In my eyes, one of your finest works to this day. Simply breathtaking.
– B