Testimonial from Mouli Pal, Director of Upasana Dance Company, mentor

“Pampi is an incredibly talented artist with rare capability of infusing creative sensitivity in her art form. She approached me a year ago to critique her movement form, which she was developing. I felt that her improvisation and story-telling were effective and her dancing distinct from what audiences typically see. Her music selection also complements her form by drawing from contemporary experimental and electronic genres, among others.

As a performer of a traditional classical dance form I have often realized that such forms can be restricting when there is a need to express contemporary and socially relevant issues. Pampi’s effort and vision removes this barrier and creates an universally comprehensible art form of unparallel beauty.

Her dance form is clearly distinct from the classical forms and would be an important contribution to the dance community. There is a need for such dance forms to emerge and provide expression to contemporary issues and to captivate and move audiences from all walks of life.”

– Mouli Pal, Director of Upasana Dance Company, mentor, September 2013