Negotiating intention and remaining flexible in community art projects


Still, I wasn’t sure if I would get the piano I wanted. My backup plan was an ode to beethoven’s moonlight sonata.

Once the pianos were donated and a photo inventory made of them, we were given the option to rank three pianos. I chose two standing uprights presumably from the 20s era and one grand, knowing that of I got an upright I would be doing an homage to Joplin and Josephine, and if the grand, then moonlight.

I knew I would learn more doing the ragtime one and felt it would have a socio-political weight to it that moonlight would not. I Mean, everything can have a socio-political weight, but for me, exploring Ragtime is a call to duty. by contrast, Moonlight is meditation. I can meditate at home.

I got my second choice for the standing upright and the decal detail on its face, while beautiful, initially felt restrictive for making the facing portraits I wanted to do of the two entertainers.

It’s never good to get too caught up in expectations when you are working for other people – taking everything as a gift has a way of opening up possibilities you never knew you had. And so it was a gift!