Testimonials on the Divine Masculine

261 copy 200[fblike]Spring has finally come … thinking ‘bout the Divine Masculine … fertility is in the air … it’s green and lush everywhere … Thank you Pampi & Loreto!

Beautiful collection and combination of Artwork! <3

Dancing chants dichotomies dissipate harmonizes harmonium trio bliss soundscapes escape and reappear in waves

A great listener is a great lover. Be a great listener and be a great lover

Free Flow of Energy!

The dancer’s chanting along with the throat singing, didgeridoo, flute, melodica put me in sort of a trance. Trance = resonance of the mind

Positive Feedback

I like my bracelet … Thank you.

Lovely Community I felt immediately welcome by the warmth of the company and art

Pampi + Lore, Thank you!! for bringing us all together!


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