Baby Devi on her Vahana



Reflecting on the Divine Masculine and increasingly publicized events of horrific sexual/violence against women, particularly coming from India, I had written a poem at the beginning of this year. This poem calls fathers to respect their daughters, not protect them. At this time, this image came into my head, which I finally drew for my Open Studios event. This image was conceived of as a foil to popular baby Krishna images.

baby Krishna shown stealing butter
baby Krishna shown stealing butter

One rarely sees the great goddesses of the world as children, though nearly every male god has baby iconography. My thought is that the great goddess originated as a fertility goddess and thus has never been infantilized due to that basic need for maternal and infant survival still so tenuous in today’s world.

I wanted to show the great goddess as a baby. I wanted to acknowledge girlhood as a very important part of today’s world; that a girl might ride her wild beast without fear of domination; that that wild beast is in each of us to accept and acknowledge, not necessarily control; and show the (still) nascent ascent to divinity from the wild in each of us.

I wanted to dispel the myth of boys will be boys by reclaiming the space for coming of age rituals to help all children to become respectful citizens, where aggression is something that they learn how to work with and diffuse.

… keep the painting going … That lion has something deep in its movement


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