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In response to Lore’s question: My perfect day is each day I am able to live a bit of my hopes and dreams

Caveat: To me, perfection is achieving godliness, where god is good orderly direction and achieving god is simply having the faith that by being present, by engaging, your intention will carry you through.

I too have a goal sheet like Loreto. A few years back, my dear friend Thenmozhi encouraged me to put down my New Years resolutions as a tab on her New Years Goals excel sheet, so we might share our hopes and dreams for each year. Before I knew it, I constructed a bejeweled “Hopes and Dreams” sheet (i love hot colors) in line with the way my mind flows.

Loreto asks us, “a. What would I do for myself, my job, my outside projects and my family and friends?”

Like her, my columns figure these in. Columns read:

“bread and butter (tasks I need to get through to survive and function at a basic level- being able to account for death and taxes is one. check!),”

“dance, yoga, meditation (as a dancer, i feel i need to be primed physically. i also want to learn belly dancing.),”

“studio project development (the large-scale art projects/collaborations I direct – next up! divine masculine!),”

“art making (all the little things I need to personally crank out for my bigger projects- right now i’m getting ready to crank out some outfits for a wearable art show next week),”

“play + monthly check-in with loved ones (if you get a call out of the blue to hang out, you know you are on this list- sounds crazy but i have found i have to make time for the people i care about. i can’t expect they will come to me, especially as everyone is super busy, living in different neighborhoods, etc. i also strongly believe that when i get too busy to check in with my lovelies, i am taking on too much. current situ ;/ and as expected, i’m miserable.),”

“if people are responsive, then do these projects (self explanatory, but this way i eventually get to all the projects bursting in my brain. there will always be a right time for things. i know i just have to be patient and wait for the right people),”

“trips (this includes anything that takes me out of the city. if i see the list dwindling, i know i need to take on less in other areas. why work so hard when i don’t have time to play? makes no sense to me. i’m missing the woods especially now. can’t wait to hit the beach! paris?),”

“self care + learning (i’m battling my childhood history with bullying now and i want to learn to sing and dance improvisationally with the ektara),”

“books + things to get (on this list, food processor)”

Then Loreto has us consider, “b. How would these goals break down daily? weekly? monthly? and annually?”

Like Loreto, I too account for mapping goals to available time.

on my goal sheet, my rows are broken down by the 4 weeks per month upto 3 months planned so I can layout all the column goals based on the time I have. This allows me to be honest with my time and okay with waiting on projects. I also am not a martinet about things. I don’t beat myself up if I don’t get to everything in that week. Life is constantly changing. Things come up. Things might take longer to get done. But if something is neglected for a few weeks, I re-prioritize and if it is still figures importantly in my life, I shift other things up.

Now to work out my perfect day – I look at these blocks as guides. Structure and discipline for a go-with-the-flow kinda gal like me is especially important.

6:30-8:30 yoga/choreo/meditation/gratefulness

10-12 art projects/jobs

2-5 school/jobs

7-9 collaboration/play/marketing-networking

10-12 hopes n dreams check-in/journaling

I agree with Loreto that (and I’m paraphrasing badly) “for the Perfect Day to work, we need to… [imagine] we are living …it and relishing in its perfection.” For me, I’m quite sure not every moment needs to be planned by the minute and perfection again is that feeling of flow and contentment I strive for.

For me, a day becomes perfect only with howling laughter and hold-me-tight hugs. 215116_965163068311_2717984_n

What’s YOUR perfect day?

A special note:
Loreto has shared her organizing tools with me over many years, and because of her care, my natural ability to organize events has been made quite efficient. I figure my life is my biggest event, so I am grateful for her interventions. I highly encourage any of you inspired by my dialogue with her to consult her, because she has the most amazing ways to add structure to just about anything one might want to achieve.

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