in search of the Divine Masculine


20130227-072529.jpgwhen I’m in search of the Divine Masculine
signs point mostly to a lover wild and tender
half a lone monk austere and auspicious
half traveling minstrel gravely song on ready lips
sometimes a warrior cautious
once a father always

when I’m in search of the Divine Masculine
I sense He resides in the sun
muscles the moon
then cooled by night shadows
dives powerfully into oceans

ever dynamic
even in stillness
watchful as a lion
awaiting the huntress

when I’m in search of the Divine Masculine
I hear Him respire winds of change and benediction
primordial raw and savage
smelling warmly of musk and earth

I spy teeth bared and flashing
into dewy smiled mischief
thoughtful sharp decisive
wild haired soft eyed
perfectly proportioned
sinuously wired and sprung

when I’m in search of the Divine Masculine
I’m in search of all this in You, Love
Your heart drumming strongly
now hammers into quiet against My breast
wrapped tightly surely in blood and bones

when I’m in search of the Divine Masculine
I am so much of You in Me

When I find the Divine Masculine
I give over
I give over
for there is nothing else to do


2 thoughts on “in search of the Divine Masculine

  1. pompi just gone through your piece of your poetic imaginary writing simply superb and brilliant just a bit of query in my mind just whom do you have in mind when you are searching for Divine Masculinity Is it lord Shiva the destroyer of the universe or lord Krishna the romantic lover or womanizer or may be some special person in your life I personally never search for Divine Masculinity where i have to surrender my woman empowerment in on their feet I stand straight with head on my shoulder Whenever i get time i go through your incredible creativity and innovation and it fills my heart and my mind with enlightenment . Just keep it up and time to time i will share my view with you

    1. Anamita, always good to hear from you 😉 I’m actually writing a response to this poem. It was conceived of as a traditional style romantic love poem. My response poem will cut into the rose color glass view but hopefully will be as tender 😉

      Here, I try to call that feeling of surrender one may feel in the presence of charm grace and warmth… not that one should… haha