solidarity vigil condemning rape and violence against women


So many lovely people braved the cold to stand for the women in their lives and around the world. Lit up by candles in their hands, they glowed strong and beautiful in all that snow.

5 pm Harvard square vigil condemning rape and violence against women – against the damning devastating atrocities committed daily in India that are now just surfacing at the intl level.

Photos by
Manoj and I made posters.

Phil, Manoj, Josh, Asha and I performed improv street theater exploring the inter-relationship between clothing and violence against women

I read an original poem “how do we get fathers to respect their daughters?”

Aura also graced the space with a survivor song

We must hold India accountable for its disgusting human rights violations esp as she vyes for a spot as an emergent global powerhouse riding on her proclamation as the world’s largest democracy –

Videos by: Myriam Hibbard

Umang: “Thanks for your passion, Pampi, thanks for doing so much on such a cold night with such conviction – I am touched.”

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