Drunk on Dhak – proposal for Mobius’ Tinderbox Series accepted!

On January 30, 2013 by pampi

“Dear Ms Pampi,
Thanks for your proposal for the Tinderbox Series. We are accepting your proposal “Drunk on Dhak” and 2 other artists for a program on Friday, February 15th.”

Kristophe and I will be performing/presenting Friday, February 15 at Mobius >> 55 Norfolk Street, Cambridge, MA 02139

Description of this project:
“Drunk on dhak” is a multi-media movement poem that reinterprets Devi (Hindu mother goddess) lore through movement, photography, and spoken poetry in order to explore the temple dancer as Devi’s vahana (her animal mount). The performance is framed as a contemporary devotional offering to Devi. The prayer calls on Devi to manifest herself as the warrior goddess and reclaim respect for the divine feminine through the body of her female devotee.

… More info off proposal link about….

Advertisement image:
Some shots and video clips of this work-in-progress:

thu 1/24
sun 1/27

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