Peter Everett, Housatonic Writers in the Classroom Coordinator + client


My name is Peter Everett. I am the Public Services Librarian at Housatonic Community College in Bridgeport, CT. I also coordinate some campus programs, in particular a visiting author semestral event called Housatonic Writers in the Classroom. This program brings together a writer, students of writing, and the college community at large. I had the good fortune to meet Aparna last summer at a music festival I put together and after seeing her thirdeyefell website I was intrigued by her artistic presence, approaches, and the variety of forms. Even though she is not a published author I decided to invite her to campus as the principal of the aforementioned program featuring her poet dancing. I was also able to partner with the Theater Department and include a second presentation aimed at aspiring Theater professionals. On November 8, 2012 Aparna came to Housatonic.

Her presentation included mixed-media, performance, discussion of her craft, and some interaction with the audience as students were invited to act out their on-the-spot haiku creations. When speaking to the audience, Aparna has an easy-going and engaging style. She is a trained dancer, but is not afraid to venture outside the bounds of the classical mode. In fact, she fearlessly follows her creative impulses wherever they take her – commentary and satire relating to various political and social causes, sexual identity and genderbending issues, the immigrant experience, and other themes are explored in dance alone, or dance with spoken or sung word. Her imaginative and spirited presentation was truly inspiring. I unhesitatingly recommend Aparna’s work as a poet dancer for a prospective workshop or performance event at your institution.

Peter Everett, November 21, 2112 Bridgeport, CT