Testimonials on After Harvest

On Likelii’s wine selection
Myriam Hibbard: “The Pinot Noir was excellent. I “likelii””

On Cassandra’s painting:

Aaron D: “Loved this awesome painting!”
Jenny P: “Yeah, this piece was very striking.”

On Natalie Holt’s soup

Natalie Claudio-Elpek: “My favorite!!”
Aaron Derman: “mmmmmm!”

On Pampi’s work:

Seth M: “… Girl, is there anything you can’t do fabulously??”

On “Leaves Broken in Poem”
Jo Ball: “this is so perfect…”

On Open Mic

Jason Chen of Incus: “Thanks for putting together such a fun and memorable night. Lee Loo and I had a blast singing songs together. Looking forward until the next time.”

On Incus’ performance during Open Mic –
Loreto Paz Ansaldo: “you both were amazing!”

On So Sol
Jo Ball: “i loved this band”

On David Everett’s bird painting:
Pampi: “The birds still kill me – and I would like to buy it 😉 ”