“Die on this Bank”

On October 18, 2012 by pampi

Opened Session Planeteria at Fasika this Wednesday for Jenn Bliss’ new Music/Poetry Night to put East Somerville on the map for music and poetry. Theme: Divine Love and Sufi Poetry

With Justin Francos (on melodica) and Nick Detar-Koch (on acoustic guitar), I performed a song “Die on the Bank” (simultaneously vocals and movement) from my amazing singer/songwriter friend Thenmozhi Soundararajan’s upcoming sufi-blues album “Broken People” as part of the campaign to Cast Out Caste ♥ Dalit Nation!

It was an incredible night of Sufi-inspired music and poetry and happy bellies stuffed with Ethiopian food. Kudos to Jenn and her crew of tremendously talented poet-musician-songsters ♥

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