OCD Awareness Week – A Supporter’s Message + Poem


OCD Awareness Week ♥ – A Message

There is 1/33 chance for you to meet someone in your life with true OCD – I am very fortunate to meet three such loves of my life (two are healing themselves) – it is a daily battle that I understand (even now after thirteen years of friendship) only as a witness and supporter – i have enabled often as the OCD brain is a clever changeling – these three friends number amongst the most brilliant dedicated loving loyal generous people i have ever met – in fact they are my super heroes – im convinced that the amount of courage and conviction it takes to battle this monster daily makes these folks almost super human. But they are human. It is a debilitating energy-sucking battle. Fact is, everybody in this world battles a monster or two right within themselves – making time to know this monster, whatever shape it comes, allows you to not only be true to yourself but learn how to lead a balanced life unique to you. There are no labels, only guidelines – the human brain is remarkable. With much love and compassion, Pampi

The poem:
your love, my poems
much cycled structure
my love is pathologized
                  for you enabled
you love my poems
you are a poem
as you are perfect
( i break this haiku
for you)
Loreto wrote back: “Thank you, Pampi. Your words show deep understanding even though, like you say, it is difficult to know the experience not having the OCD monster in your own brain. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ And yes, I wholeheartedly agree that we all have our monsters and winning over them makes us lead the best, happiest lives we can have.”