~ LEAVES BROKEN IN POEM ~ Choreography Concept


Ali/Natalie Ego
Paulo/Pampi Id
Aura Voice

Main ideas

Aura, Natalie and Pampi are all sides of the same person.

Natalie is Ego, Pampi is Id. Aura is Voice (Super-ego).
Id has no memory – all feeling and animalistic.

Ego has memory – all rational and tries to be above animal tendencies
Id and Ego, when facing each other, have a very strong pull… when facing away, this pull weakens

Id and Ego are equally powerful
Paulo plays for Id and Ali plays for Ego
Voice comes in as she processes the story as it unfolds

Musicians and dancers are working to layer the story
At all times musicians need to keep an eye on the dancers to evoke the story through sound

Story – no longer a perfect transition from new moon to half moon to full moon – we do all the elements somewhat together- story more important than chronology

Ego and Id, each rowing a boat of harvest leaves, dock at Voice
They each share a third of their harvest of leaves with Voice

the story commences through instrumental sound

Id is powerful exploratory being and the New Moon beckons her from her dormancy
As she finds a form she may recognize, she is alerted that she is not alone – she is with Ego

Voice steps in here and speaks of new moon as new beginning

Ego watches Id during new moon
and befriends her, all the while watching her.

Ego begins testing Id

Ego tells Id that she is shaping her for her own good
Petting her after correcting her

But Ego gets power crazy and gets more and more forceful
One time Id questions her

And Ego pushes Id to the ground
Id is very sad
Ego takes this opportunity to tell Id
She didnt mean it
She loves her
Id forgives … and forgets

Voice speaks of full moon

Id is mesmerized by Ego’s full moon beauty
What she doesn’t realize is that Ego needs her because Ego can see her beauty only in Id’s waters

Id enables Ego
cossets her, gives her her best things

Ego gets more and more crazy
One day Ego loves the attention so much she turns from Id

Voice speaks of full moon

Id notices the pull is no loner so strong
and sees Ego for her actions, not her promises

Id confronts Ego
Ego laughs it off
Id gets upset
and swipes at Ego’s heel, bringing her down
For the first time Ego is cautious and worried
She cautiously gets up

but as a wounded animal, she cant help herself and begins to taunt Id

Id, furious, lashes out at Ego
Id overpowers Ego

Id tells Ego (as much as she tells herself) that she is as powerful
Ego is shaken
Id tells her she did so much for her she is exhausted because there was no love back
Ego is ashamed

Ego sees for the first time how beautiful Id is
Ego respects Id

When Id turns from Ego to walk away with heartbreak
Ego gets up
but because  Id is not sure of Ego’s intentions
They begin to struggle

Voice speaks of half moon

Neither dominates the other
They call a truce
They cautiously play to rebuilt trust

No moon approaches

Voice Ego Id glob together back to back
and freeze to make one identity