Huesos Besos

I got a lot of love on this face I did (comments below) – I’m obsessed with blood bones goddesses – something about the finality of death – so here’s a bad-A breathing tex-cali breathing one I’m presenting. Typically try not be the sexy guhl. Figure I’m pulling sexy most da time, so let’s bust out some other part of me haha don’t I look soulful here?

Allicia – Next year, I’m coming to YOU for advice on a costume, lol. This is so cool.

Stefan – You’re amazing

Tanya – badazzz

Paul – freaky!

Onem – Cowboy calavera.

Heidi – full on!

Edward – I don’t know Pampi, I’d like to give you a compliment but in this photo you look like death.

Jenny – so scary!!!!!

Azhar – Wow! I love the roots on the teeth.

Jennifer – fabulous

Tasha – Looks awesome! Your mouth looks good.

Brian – just great!

Janny – Wow!

Jeff – I’m going to have nightmares.

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