Caste – A Conversation

September 29, 2012, MIT Bush Room, 10:30A – 5:30P

*Presented Cast Out Caste Photo Campaign with Thenmozhi Soundararajan aka Dalit Diva

*Original poem “It all comes down to cleaning the toilet” in performance – I had written *this piece* exactly a year ago, but it felt so provocative I held back from presenting it – and Saturday, I was literally shaking before presenting it – can you imagine Shiva shaking? On that note, watch out for short performance video in the coming months >> you may understand why I was shaking… Where a thing as basic as the toilet should be able to be a point of conversation but carries millenia-old history of suppression and violence… To know I am called to acknowledge *this* in humble offering to people who survive this daily violence.

*Danced to song “Die on this Bank” from Dalit Diva’s upcoming sufi-blues album Broken People – I interpreted her lyrics as one calling people to cast aside their egos when meeting with certain lived experiences known but inaccessible for the sake of making right – making audible silenced voices