And So We Moored: a Review of After Harvest



“After Harvest” was Pampi & Lore’s flagship event as part of our fledging non-profit alpoarrentao Productions, an initiative to create tailored art/music events for the greater Boston area. We aim to produce and curate events celebrating art in its multitudinous forms for the purposes of building community around art-making. Our goal is to share the process of art-making with our audience in a beautiful venue without compromising the heart that goes into making art. At our events, we challenge participating artists to present an original piece on a theme in order to encourage art for community reflection. We support and promote Themed, Original, LIVE art, experimenting with the notion of micro-commissioning art. Artists include poets, musicians, dancers, visual artists, even folks who like to chef it up 😉 REVIEW BELOW. For high quality recordings of the show, care of Aaron Derman, click here.

So what happens “AFTER HARVEST” ?

When the ROOTS are pulled and the AIR is chilled,
Does the new MOON call the HOLLOW in you?

WANDERER, Dock your BOAT. Moor with us.


Guests were called in from the dark by the sweet sounds of Tali Freed on violin and Ali Dagger on flute. At the entrance, a gallery of pigment and poetry opened to the right, featuring David Everett‘s memoried landscapes in oil and Cassandra Fradera‘s floating acrylic panel accompanied by a boombox playing old school Latin pop rock. To the left, a black lit hall leading to the main space was lined with the glowing neon canvases of Natalia Chilcote and Pampi. Led by song and delectable smells of roasted vegetables and curries, guests entered the performance space decked with glowing awnings of soft purples blues and oranges to the sights and happy chatter of folks swilling on food, drink and stimulating visuals. Natalie Holt served butternut squash and rosemary soup in individualized mini bread bowls lined with parmesan, as guests built their own salad. Our drink sponsor, Likelii, had staff serving a hand-picked selection of four wines that beautifully complemented the themed spread of food.

Guests and artists, alike, are promised that even with Falling Leaves
There is Life in Pomegranate Nights

Paulo Cesar Pereira commenced the evening bowing sweet restraints on his cello, his face alight with emotion.

A Call to New Moon
and the Waters She pulls

~ Leaves Broken in Poem ~

He was later joined by Alison Dagger on flute in an invocation to the New Harvest Moon, Her many faces and how She may symbolize the delicate balance of the Id (Pampi), Ego (Natalie Claudio) and Voice (Aura Valdez) in all of us.

Intermission followed and the main course brought out. Dishes included Natalie Claudio’s wild rice with mushrooms and cranberries; Pampi’s mustard okras and bruseels sprout casserole, gingered eggplant cranberry and meat curry (choice of chicken and beef); and Myriam’s roasted roots. Guests were encouraged to view the visual art and get to know each other over food.


Momentarily, open mic was commenced. Not a crumb of Alison Dagger’s applesauce spice cake with maple molasses glaze was left.

A wide variety of talent featured. Poetry (John Gagan), spoken word (Nargis Khestoo), piano and song (Justin Francos), guitar and song (Ed Ayoub), piano and original song (Incus with Jason Cohen + Lee Loo), cello and guitar (Detour with Kendall Ramseur + Cordaro Rodriguez).


Loreto was busy multitasking as MC and bartender simultaneously > making the event’s signature drink “Cinn After Harvest” of vermouth, applejack, cinnamon, orange. And we all “Cinn’d.” The event officially hit a high note with all the stunning performances layering up to a crescendo of cinnamon syrup.


People were buzzed by the time So Sol featured. The tour de force nuevo-Brazilian band had everyone moving and many dancing with abandon.


Finally, closing the event, the signature intricacy of melodies released by The (inimitable) Four Elements, the hosts of the event, kept people engaged and mellowed all at the same time.

Though we didn’t get to the Raffle, we did carry it through a few days after the event. Signed artist merchandise included CDs, prints, a tee, even clay figurines.

This event would not have gone so smoothly without our amazing band of volunteers.


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On Likelii’s wine selection
Myriam Hibbard: “The Pinot Noir was excellent. I “likelii””

On Cassandra’s painting:

Aaron D: “Loved this awesome painting!”
Jenny P: “Yeah, this piece was very striking.”

On Natalie Holt’s soup

Natalie Claudio-Elpek: “My favorite!!”
Aaron Derman: “mmmmmm!”

On Pampi’s work:

Seth M: “… Girl, is there anything you can’t do fabulously??”

On “Leaves Broken in Poem”
Jo Ball: “this is so perfect…”

On Open Mic

Jason Chen of Incus: “Thanks for putting together such a fun and memorable night. Lee Loo and I had a blast singing songs together. Looking forward until the next time.”

On Incus’ performance during Open Mic –
Loreto Paz Ansaldo: “you both were amazing!”

On So Sol
Jo Ball: “i loved this band”

On David Everett’s bird painting:
Pampi: “The birds still kill me – and I would like to buy it ;)”