Pop Lock Temple Rock – Youth Curriculum

I developed a curriculum for a 6 week Youth dance class “Pop Lock Temple Rock” for Springstep in Medford. Ages 9-16. 1.5 hour blocks.

Did you know that if you learn the basics of Classical Indian dance, you learn the basics of Pop and Lock? Students will learn fundamentals of Classical Indian Dance and develop improvisational dance skills, applying these basics to story-telling. At the end of the course, students will be able to identify the common and distinguishing components of Indian classical dance forms, and will have learned the science of Indian dance based in yoga, facial expressions (rasa), the art of expression through body, voice, clothing, and face (abhinaya), and rhythm created by legs, feet, arms, and hands (adavu). Students will also learn the basics of Pop and Lock and a dance in the bharat natyam style.