Project JamaicaWay: Sustainable Style Competition and Fashion Show

I’m in the running as a designer for Project JamaicaWay Sustainable Style Competition and Fashion Show

This THU 6/7 between 7-9pm, with Nirishka Armanda Sylvester as my model, I plan to present two pieces

I got in with this piece. And have you seen Nirishka walk? Expect some OOOMPHHHH ♥!

Photo by Onem Boreal

Competition Application::

Hi! My name is Pampi. Practicing sustainable fashion is incredibly important not only to save the environment but also to combat blind consumerism, uncouth labor practices, and pass on the knowledge of style and dress to each individual 😉 Recently it’s dawned on me that I may just be a sustainable fashion warrior, encouraging clothing swaps amongst my friends, converting old clothes to new ones, and when I’m just itchin for something new, buying from thrift stores. My weapon of choice is my sewing machine!

Attached is my favorite outfit… a pair of pants I made up for a character I perform in dance, updating the look of the half-male/half-female Hindu deity Yama-Yami (god/goddess of Death). The pink side represents the draping of the gorgeous temple dancers of yore, the orange side, the tiger skin look that Shiva rocks. I also made the necklace and wrapped an old veil into my top. These pants are great for dancing – a hit at salsa 😉

Here’s a list of my sustainable-fashion related work::

Dresses for Haiti – 25+ pillowcase dresses for Haiti (a community project), Oct-Dec 2011
The Underboob Revolution – reclaimed hand-painted tees for promoting a cabaret show, June 2011

John D. O’Bryant Middle School Youth Fashion Show – presenting a line of prom dresses from donated slinky fabric that had been lying around for years “Spring into Prom,” May 2011

National HIV Testing Day Youth Fashion Show – presented piecework embroidered dresses made from fabric scraps at youth-organized fashion show, Jun 2009

Here’s my documentation for this show
– these will be pulled together soon. Special thanks to Natalie for moral support and lending me her sewing machine.

1. Day one I was notified in the afternoon. I confirmed with Nirishka that she would be my model

2. Day two. I took Nirishka’s measurements and through heavy rains, with Natalie for company, collected materials from JP Boomerang and Goodwill using the gift certificates allotted for the show ($25 each). I designed the two outfits I plan to present.

3. Day 3 evening, I did some documentation photos.

4. Day 4 I was so sick I couldn’t move. I picked the lining from the purses, but that’s all I could muster

5. Day 5, I removed the lining from the black mesh dress, cut the pieces into pants and had Nirishka model the blue item to figure out the best length for it, marking it with chalk. I then took some shots with her in these items to better guage the fall of the materials on her, how they might look when she walks and to verify color scheme

6. Day 6. I think I was waiting for the sun. Like a wilted flower to water, I came alive wed with full sun. In the morning i made the requested ppt documenting my work up to that point. But also came the blow that Nirishka would not be able to model after all. Totally legit reasoning. So I had to readjust 11-12″ worth of height and corresponding width to fit me. I knew I lost the oomph factor in my presentation. Plus, at this point I knew I could only alter one do I decided to focus all my energies in finishing one piece – the tribal formal wear. I worked through the night but am not an all nighter girl. I trimmed the pants, planned out the mini, cut into the pleather jacket and cut out all its pieces from its seams, figured out how to make the top, cut out the lining for the pants, designed the corset belt
7. Day 7. morning I woke up to sore throat and upset tummy. Slept most of the morning then worked out the finishing elements. The halter, the belt, hemming the lining and pants

Then it was nearing show time so I got myself ready. Painted a leopard bird mask on my face. Put the pin in the cap

It’s something else walking to the event in full bird makeup and my salsa outfit planned for after the show

In rains, under my lime and gold van gogh umbrella, was me in a brilliant gold hat, fierce eye makeup, black pleather jacket, asymmetrical red flared skirt and lime rain sandals – going there I felt like an exercise in sensational day wear

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