presented Tribal Formal Wear @ Project JWay

Adi and Natalie were my paparazzi that evening.
With two enthusiastic bubbly ladies, how can a gal not feel haute?

What I made: tiger velour tank with black vinyl T strap at back, black vinyl pocketed belt, tiger velour slouch mini, lined black mesh trapeze pants, gold hat

Original pieces: super large lined black mesh dress, horribly ugly tiger velour pants with elastic waistband, gold purse, black vinyl jacket (hard to cut into because it was cut so nicely) = $23

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(Please also see Nat’s recap + a pdf of my documentation for the project BELOW IMAGES

p.s. don’t tell me the guhl is biased 😉 hahahah

Natalie’s recap:

“What a great show!! I thought all the designers super talented. I respect their craft, and thank them for giving us the opportunity to look at their work. I had such a wonderful evening, and maybe one day… who knows… I’ll be creating some sustainable fashion of my own. It was really inspiring to watch.

The tribal piece by Pampi was my favorite. The hat, made out of a gold weave purse, had a flashy flapper quality to it. The pants were very flowy and fun… it had a lot of material, but the designer off set that with a tank-top with a pleather corset, thigh high slits in the pants, with cute peek-a-boo shorts that matched the top. Also, the corset had a functional pocket, which would come in handy for almost any occasion. Your I.D., money, and a tube of lip gloss would fit in perfectly for a night on the town.

It was announced that Pampi’s model could not attend the show. The model (a whole foot taller) would have looked marvelous in these pants… longer legs would suit that much material more (I can say this because I am short). Pampi, being the consummate artist and performer that she is, changed the outfit last minute to fit her smaller frame. The audience was unaware of this extra challenge until it was announced by the judges. However, the outfit was so well put together, we would have been non-the-wiser had that detail been left out. It was a dazzling piece… exotic, yet accessible to the audience.

I could also imagine someone doing a dance performance in this outfit. If you are a dancer or performer on a budget (and who isn’t?), you would want to have the creativity and skills of this designer. She really thought outside the box, and used so many different items… truly taking lots of old ugly pieces to create a beautiful unifying piece.

– Natalie Claudio”

Documentation for Design Competition

Video coming soon