A Response to Jake’s I Am George Zimmerman Post

The following reflection I culled from an animated dialogue with friends on my facebook wall upon posting the article.

If you’re being X-ist within a system set up by people identifying with a particular set of attributes, some of which you are outed for not having and you take it out on folks who are outed for having even less of those attributes, does that make you X-ist? or can there be another term to better describe how you are ascribing to X-ism, perpetuating X-ism but also internalizing X-ism and being discrimnated against? Self-hatred is the most insidious aspect of X-isms.

I think we need to make a clarification between perpetrators that “benefit” completely versus perpetrators who don’t “benefit” on all levels – plus it is a soup… it’s never just one. there are multiple polarizing X-ist identities we all navigate… and more and more I realize that upon sitting and stewing and extracting and learning to love and forgive myself for the mess I am, I must walk away and let all these skins fall off to really connect with the deep humanity in all of us, namely love. There is no X-isms with love.

What’s more, the policing of what is X and who is X and what is not X and who is not X and why that person is appropriating this that and the other… has to stop. but it cannot be dismissed… it is, as the author of this article, Jake, writes, ultimately, the most intimate form of flushing one can do, the one you do within yourself.

It was not easy growin up brown and bitty in Ohio mid-1980s… had my fists up all the way through elementary and middle school – I actively face it even now and work against it as much as I can. And boy is it exhausting… hence my epiphany… as I work against X-isms I now understand I also need to let go (one of life’s great paradoxes) so I may fully live and love 😉