Third Part of the Pop Fertility Goddess Series

Finally, upon drawing the goddess forms digitally in hot colors, then molding them in dough, I wondered what it maybe like to animate their bodies. These represent a sort of storyboarding. When I have the resources, I would like to do a small claymation project to have them story-tell their domestic lives


Pop Fertility Goddess Series (in kitchen)

Walking through some ancient homes in Pompeii, I was enchanted by the beautiful color blocking of their interior walls and further surprised by the rareand whimsical miniature figure that would be painted on a block of color andshow itself from an unexpected corner. Here I reinterpret these blocks and figures through strips of canvas in the kitchen where our fertility goddesses engage in domestic? acts.

Photos by Onem Boreal

Aparna Das (Pampi)
Acrylic on canvas strips
Postcard size

$30 each