We’re All Lined UP for "Divine Feminine"


NOON Temple Opens – come check out the art space 😉

The Divine Feminine PERFORMANCE LINE UP (installation line up below)
(1:00pm-6:30pm – subject to slight changes)

1:00 Group Invocation of The Divine Feminine
“Blessing the Space”
An interactive, ritual walk through The Temple of Infinite Love to raise spirits and call up on the The Goddess. Everyone present should join in. Please gather on the back deck.

1:10 Saraswathi Jones,
spoken word and song
“Om Saraswathi Namasthubyam”
Sloka to the Goddess

1:20 Melissa Huser + Alison Dagger,
movement and flute
“Invoking Yemanjá”
“Telling the Story of the Brazilian Sea Goddess”

1:30 Hot Lava Mamas: Deb Picard + Tali Freed + Nargis Khestoo,
original songs
“Journeys of a Woman”
a call for freeing, understanding, uniting, empowering

1:55 Joshua Putnam,
celebrating the real women who have illuminated the concept of the Divine Feminine in my life

2:10 Adi Rattner + Pampi + Melissa Huser with Ishani Das reading,
original poem song drum and dance!
“O Mother, Raise us up!”
grappling the personal to the political in the study of state control of the female bodied and the feminine

2:30 Martin Case + Pampi,
drum sax dance
A Sacred Sonic Space for Meditation on The Divine Feminine

2:45 Priya X. Agrawal,
Prose & reading
“I Wonder About My Mother”
In advance of Mother’s Day and my 31st birthday, 31 short stanzas celebrating and contemplating my relationship to my mother — one for each year of my life.

3:00 Question/Answer with Installation Artists

3:30 Jada Yvette with Seth Heidkamp & Tanya Palit,
original songs
“Play it Hot: Eros in a cold world”
a collection of songs that dismiss the aloof and reclaim the power of the courageously available

3:50 Natalie Elpek + Adi Rattner,
improvised dance
Recapturing the Feminine Essence by letting go of what holds her down

4:10 Yim Tan Wong,
“Exploring the Divine Feminine”
My Experience of and Relationship to Religion

4:30 Melissa Huser + Pampi,
improvised dance
“Releasing the Apsara from stone”
Trained in classical Indian temple dance forms, Pampi (Bharata Natyam) and Melissa (Odissi) break from the sculptural forms of their respective training into improvised movement, testing the bounds of formal dance education and the desire for liberated movements

4:50 Saraswathi Jones,
Original songs
“An Indian-American Goddess laments”
The Goddess incarnate and emcee for the afternoon gives her offerings in song. Some more divine than others.

5:15 Mali Sastri,
Original songs
Songstress Mali Sastri of Boston-based art rock collective Jaggery, will share original solo pieces.

5:35 Pampi as Yama Yami,
improvised dance
“Yama-Yami (half-female half-male deity): re-interpreting gendered temple stories in dance”
In improvised movement, Pampi, as Yama-Yami, recounts the love story between the feminine and masculine right within

5:45 Four Elements,
Improvised Contemporary Chamber Renaissance Funk Music
Improvising to the Divine Feminine


Juhi (Jasmine Quanta),
shrine installation, acrylic + pen and ink
My work in acrylics began as an exercise in interior decoration and exploration with color and then slowly, subtly morphed into self-expression and a desire to create. This body of work examines the masks I wear and what it might mean to shed these masks.

OneM Boreal,
shrine installation, dye, masks
“Goddess Guardians”

Pampi thirdeyefell,
installation, digital drawing, dye, fabric, pen, ink, body
“The snake ate the moon: a graphic poem” – digital drawing > video / temple installation
“I carry Devi within Me” – painted canvas / temple installation
“Pop Fertility Goddess series: tracing and molding ancient curves new” – clay + digital prints / temple installation
“Yama-Yami” glam rock pants – fabric painting / performance
“Nut” – fabric painting / temple installation
“Domestic?” – paint on canvas / temple installation

Jacob Kasell,
deck installation
“Deck Her Halls Divine”

Seth Heidkamp,
sound installation
The connection every person has with the Divine Feminine is the event of their creation. The sounds created for this piece are meant to evoke the experience of a newly forming consciousness through it’s gentle, rippling sounds that surround the listener.

Catherine Judge + Paula Rendino Zaentz,
video performance
“Mater Panis (Mother Bread)”
a meditative video installation which explores the question, “Where
were the women the night of the Last Supper?”

Nargis Khestoo,
live beading
“Durga Divine Deity”
A live beading of Durga on her tiger will be done at the Temple of Infinite Love. This project to completion should total about 300 hours.