“The snake ate the moon” – a graphic poem



Meant to be read as a bedtime story, please expect one to two lines per evening as countdown to Somerville Open Studio’s celebration of “the Divine Feminine” SAT May 5 @The Temple of Infinite Love – Original performances Noon – 6pm ♥ Pampi

4.8.2012 Tonight on Fish Moon, I debut my graphic poem : “The snake ate the moon.” Afterwards, Loreto and I went outside to look for the Fish Moon and couldn’t find it… then I realized… The Snake ATE the Moon!! Holy Heavens!!! ♥

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Credits: Opening Photograph: James Marcus. Closing photograph: Sudarshan Chakravarthy

2 thoughts on ““The snake ate the moon” – a graphic poem

  1. This is so beautiful. I love how the story makes you think about the effects of the loss of the moon. The coloring of the images is so fitting and really communicates the atmosphere of the story. I love the almost watercolor feel and layering.

    I hope there is a sequel!
    Wonderful work Pampi!

    1. Adam 😉

      thank you for your thoughts. thanks for the post!

      this is just the beginning of the story … I will post a few lines per day this month… have about 50 images planned!!

      so stay tuned for this visual bedtime

      trust, the subsequent images will get your heart going 😉