tracing ancient curves new

First Part of Pop Fertility Goddess Series

In exploring The Divine Feminine, I am retracing the ancient and familiar imagery of fertility goddesses anew. In so doing, I am being moved by the rawness of the figures – they manifest a primal sense of urgency – I hear the cries they were once called upon to sooth in moments of intense emotional physical anguish and spiritual duress. I hear the cries of my ancestors. I feel the crying within myself.

The irony is drawing into lines a sculptural form – I have to translate the weightiness. These sculptures are stocky and curvy- perfect to nestle in the palm and wrap fingers about securely. In fact, I think my second step will be to rediscover and reinterpret these forms into clay. For now, I settle for thick blocky lines and contrasting colors to bring these figurines into the realm of popular culture where they currently sit, though imprisoned perhaps in fusty archaeological photo settings. I wanted to release them from these cobwebs of yore as they are very much still with us, even if in constructed colonial memory. They still have a visceral pull. I also eventually hope to animate the lines or the clay I eventually mold.