“Making Goddess Kitsch : A Divine Desi Dramedy”


So Saraswathi Jones and I keep finding ourselves making nataks (a Bengali dance drama form).

This time @ The Wild Mind, in honor of Sarawathi’s annual descent to earth… an event we both realized the night before was on Saturday (ha!)… we reprised the ever incorrigible Boy Baret (the boy who is really a girl) character as he calls on the Devi once again, this time in “Making Goddess Kitsch : A Divine Desi Dramedy,” where Saraswathi Jones helps him to find the Devi within him and he emerges as Yama-Yami (the half-male, half-female deity) 😉

“Boys will be Boys” – A video of Boy Baret’s last dealings with Saraswathi Jones

Program, links to video art + music, and credits below

Photography by Sudarshan Chakravarthy + James R. Marcus (last row).

SJ and I presented our piece in three sets:

Set 1
Intro short skit, followed by SJ singing “Mother Tongue,” followed by Boy Baret changing into temple dancer garb to ‘s “Slowflow.” During Boy Baret’s performance, original video “An Orientalist Heaven – Warwick Goble’s illustrations for the 1912 “Folk-tales of Bengal” projected.

Set 2
SJ sings “Jewel in the Crown,” followed by Boy Baret dancing to ‘s “Fidelity.” During Boy Baret’s dance, original video “Temple Sculpture: Dance in Stone” projected

Set 3
SJ sings “Jedi Mind Trixx,” followed by Boy Baret as Yama-Yami dancing to ‘s The Three Kingdoms.” During Yama-Yami’s dance, original video “Yama Yami: An exploration of the gendered temple body” projected

**Pampi’s dance music selected from

Surface_Sounds LP


**Pampi’s necklace and Saraswathi Jones’ eyes by Nirishka Sylvester

The other performances of the night were top-notch.

Will make a list here as soon as I get the full names: Sheri Jean-Fife, balloon performance piece, Laura Blake, tribal belly dance; DJ Dylan Castaldi; Rob, violinist

You can listen to Saraswathi Jones’ Original Songs here: