Jump at de sun!!


First batch finished! Second batch too! All complete 😉

Painting on right by Lanise Antoine Shelley

Many thanks to Lidia Flores, Loreto P. Ansaldo, Myriam Hibbard, Sandra Price, Nargis Khestoo, John Leconte, Lucienne Pierre, Lanise Antoine Shelley, and Tasha Anumati Williams

I made cards that go with each dress for the girls – a Zora Neale Hurston quote I had translated to Haitian creole
“Jump at de sun. We might not land on the sun, but at lease we get off the ground.”

I worked with the volunteer coordinator, Sandra Price, at the American Textile History Museum (ATHM), which initiated a community service project with “Dresses for Haiti.” Volunteers are needed to sew pillowcase dresses for schoolgirls in Haiti. People participating with ATHM will be named on the Smithsonian’s publication of this event.

Anyone can make these simple dresses for schoolgirls in Haiti who can’t afford dresses outside their school uniforms and send them via post at any time to “Dresses for Haiti”

How To Links that Tasha found to make Pillow Case Dresses:

Just made two dresses from thrifted pillowcases. The straps are strips of old t-shirts that have been cut and stretched using this method (http://hellogiggles.com/diy-t-shirt-scarf).

Just came across this tutorial on how to make a skirt from a fitted sheet. I’ve already sent mine off but it might come in handy for someone. Not sure if skirts count as dresses but this is a good idea, esp. for someone who is new to sewing. It’s literally like 3 seams to sew and obviously you don’t have to get all fancy on the hem like she did 🙂


Easiest Pillowcase Dress Ever

Another dress tutorial, this one uses an actual pillowcase instead of a pattern.

Another bias tape tutorial:

Many of the tutorials use bias tape around the arms of the dresses. Instead of spending extra money, you could make your own. You could a similar fabric or contrasting fabric for a pop of color.


Please contact me and attend this event if you are
* interested in making dresses
* interested in donating cloth, pillowcases, old shirts, etc.
* both

Dresses may be sewn at home or at classes held at the museum in the Fall. Donations of new or gently used pillowcases are kindly accepted. Contact Sandra Price, Coordinator of Volunteer and Visitor Services, at sprice@athm.org or 978.441.0400 x 243, for more information.