I am the harmonica hustlin bee jiver


This THU @ 6:30pm I aired as a…

(VID Clip) Harmonica Hustlin’ Bee Jiver for Jeff Jam’s Halloween Special

(Here are my wings!)

The Show tonight was an enthusiastic jumpy bunch of adorably costumed toddling. HYSTERICAL. Thank you Jeff Kauppi, James R. Marcus, Ali Dagger, Tanya Palit, Jada Willard, and Josh 🙂

VIDEO from Show ::
FULL Jeff Jam Halloween Special

It’a a bug’s life! Wings made? Check. Antennas made? Check. Bee dance choreographed? Check. Harmonica in G practiced? Ah no! Get to it Ms. Bee!

I made the wings and the antennas an hour before the show with coffee brown tights that had runs in them, glitter paint, wire hangers, pliers, ribbons, pipe cleaners, headband and some felt cut-outs

Quick video showing how to make fairy wings – I modified it for bees knees 😉

If you have kids, bring them on down to Somerville Community Access TV in Union Square for the our Holiday Special in December ♥


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