Ring Around Our Bodies

Answering Red Sun Press’ ***CALL FOR ART*** >> Submitted Images Below <<

“Crisis and Response”
A juried exhibition mounted for Jamaica Plain Open Studios, September 24 and 25, 2011

In the midst of unprecedented and grave problems in the world around us, artists and communities are responding with new, urgent energy. Whether raging out loud or searching deeply inward, our muses are rising to the challenge of turbulent geopolitical, economic, and environmental crises. Red Sun Press invites submissions of work for a show addressing the critical problems of our day and how we perceive, confront, rationalize or reject them.

“Ring Around Our Bodies”
These images are part of a series of storyboards I sketched for “Crisis and Response”

Inspired by an original poem/song I wrote “Ring Around Our Bodies” (back in 2008), which I am hoping to make into an interpretive music and movement video

In the poem I rework a popular children’s song “Ring Around the Rosies”

Through it I consider the idea of violation of personal space and the act of witnessing moments of violence

When does an physical or emotional interaction become threatening and unsafe?

This piece questions the idea of domestication/ferality, man’s power over mankind’s access to basic needs and environment, even genocide/poaching

All on Reeves Paper
Ink and Prang Soy Crayons