Boy Baret & Saraswathi Jones Threw it DOWN @ Nerdy Cabaret!

OMG I performed at the Middle East!! BUCKET LIST!!!

AAAAND with a Goddess – now THAT’s something even I couldn’t come up with

This original piece titled “the boy sadhu & a Goddess” is pure social science nerd candy. A post-colonial meditation on gender, sexuality, religious artifact, and ethno-national identity (among other things), it is as deeply personal as it is profoundly political. It is part of a larger project to pen one’s own narrative amid a sea of stereotypes and cultural negotiations.
Performers: Tanya K Palit and Pampi

And now, let us set our sights within a Brindavan (pronounced “Bryn-DAA-van”)- like forest somewhere in the far reaches of Yellowstone…  A boy sadhu invokes a Goddess….


Photography by Jennifer Putnam

Jennifer wrote this morning:

“Tanya Palit and [Pampi] put on an AMAZING show last night. What a brilliant pair of artists doing serious work in an entertaining and beautiful way. I am so impressed!!!! I hope these talented ladies continue to work together and make more GREAT ART. I will be there in the front row with my camera for everything. Love to you both!”


Chloe Green writes:

Thank you so much for being a bold, clever, and clear-voiced
artist. I LOVE listening to you and watching you and experiencing what
you and your co-artists (sometimes including me!) create. Last night
was so rich from beginning to end and your piece was a huge highlight
for me. Your and Tanya’s voices were powerful both speaking and in
song, your lyrics were SO funny, your movements gorgeous, and of
course the message was piercing and poignant. I love that both on
stage and in your life you seek to embrace and live into the
complexities of gender and artistic, emotional, and sexual expression.
In doing so you give us all permission to do the same. I feel like you
live deeply into the charge “who are you not to be” that comes from
that beautiful poem/speech by Marianne Williamson”


Collin Panahi writes:

“You know Pampi, you guys put together a really HIGH CALIBER piece. The material (like the video) is natural & incorporates the gender theme in a way that’s distinctly creative.
<3, C”

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