Haiku Sails on the Winds of Spring – a project for Porchfest

We had on display the Haiku Sails on the Winds of Spring project at Porchfest. Earlier last month I had asked friends to write in haikus. I took a seminal line from each poem and made a cloth flag with stenciled designs.

Here they are! And the full haikus below 😉

Special thanks to Sarah Hogan for donating fabric scraps, Loreto Ansaldo (for testing the stencils and general enthusiasm), and Tany Horgan (for stenciling work on the flags)


Here are a few haikus that were turned in for this project. Lines italicized made into flags ;)

Jada Yvette Willard:
Humorless tailor
Sewing lonely bones of us
Broken together

Laura Evonne Steinman:
gentle napping rain
overhead dreams seep in
nightime creeps grey

going back to dream
morning kissed embraced thank you
wondering why wow

leaving the space trees
inside my core is peaceful
bring back today

John DeCaro:
As lips dream-
Of flying lovers
Sonnet-spun couplets spooning
Tender as whispers

Rain falls on Buddha-
Arms down, palms to thighs
Contemplative, thunderous
Washed in Father’s rain

The gloaming of dreams
The night lost to sunlit eyes
Reluctant to wake

Eunice Sotto- Heyer:
natural forces
i glow with passionate fire

Nami Bhasin:
My Life’s a Record
Playing Someone Else’s Song.
Where’s Mine? Tree Limb’s Edge

Jennifer Janeway:
kiss me right now please
i cannot wait anymore
for you to know me

the woods lure me in
unburied from months of snow
spring anew with love

my heart as a bird
lifts hollow bones up and out
beats lightly surely

Saba Tekle:
Pure heart on the cliff
Pushed me down the roaring split
Waining moon, bright night

Deb Picard:
Hello, little bird.
Come sit on my window sill.
Tweet-tweet, tweet-tweet, tweet.

Chloe Green:
in april cold stops
tounge tip lash skirt flip down up
already open

Tany Horgan:
in the rounded house
she circled around the books
seeking for something

Jonathan Turbin:
A purple crocus,
Shy and timid, breaks the frost.
The world turns again.

Tanya Palit:
oh, fierce white blossom
your beauty shrivels my heart
I, the humble bloom

Loreto Paz Ansaldo:
my mother doesn’t
say please or thank you, it makes
me angry and sad

she also never
admits she is wrong, that, too,
pierces my hub

but she possesses
saintly and rare qualities
how should I react?