odd bird open studio – showing at somerville open studios soon

i’m showing! finally. after six years of thinking about it. come one, come *all* <3

and i’m showing with Jason Quinlan, a photographer of archaeological sites – he’s bustin’ out too

Hey Loves:

I’m doing Somerville Open Studios this weekend ! Program below – live performances throughout Saturday and champagne toast at Noon !!

Please distribute to art lovers everywhere !!

Many of you have provided quite a bit of support in addition to years of well-wishing and I would like to thank you. It would mean a lot if you can drop by.

Jason and I will be presenting our work at the Temple.
My profile: http://www.somervilleopenstudios.org/artists/artist_profile.php?artistID=1095
Jason’s profile:http://www.somervilleopenstudios.org/artists/artist_profile.php?artistID=1097

I’m at Zone D- but here is a link to all the maps:

That Saturday, Loreto is planning a small reception celebrating the fact that I am finally working in studio ;D

Here is the Program for Saturday:

Noon-1pm : Reception + champagne toast, including music by Seth Heidkamp
1pm Debbie Picard singing
2pm Tanya Palit singing
3pm Seth Heidkamp playing
4pm : Fusion Group Dance reflecting on women’s work in current revolutions of Middle East and North Africa (with Loreto P. Ansaldo, Daniella Fay Ciccone-Nascimento, Saba Ghole, Tany Horgan, and Tanya Palit)
5pm : Jugulbundi (closing dance piece)

We are coordinating all the live performances on Saturday. I will likely go and visit other people’s stuff Sunday, so if Sunday is the only day you can make it, be in touch so I can show you my work.

Much love, Pampi