Flowering in Dance

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Photography & Video by: Loreto Paz Ansaldo

Dancers: Pampi & Chloe Frankel

Musicians: Jada Yvette Willard & Seth Heidkamp

Digital beats: Michael Dwan Singh

Pocket Garden Tour

Portsmouth, NH

June 19, 2010


i am so happy i finally got to do this tour. and it seems to always land on my birthday weekend! chloe, jada, seth and i performed while loreto, collin and michelle cheered us on! woooo!

we were ambitious and had to fill a three hour slot. we decided to do a non-stop multiple improv performance piece on flowers. the first part was the germinating flowering plant. this was a flowy movement improv piece. the second part was the story of the cut flower and it’s forgotten roots. we did this in butoh style. it felt so lovely! and thank god we thought to do it in the morning.