• Pampi’s Boutique

    digital mixed media performance artist + poet

  • Decolonize Our Museums

    From Stand Against Yellow-face at the MFA >>> Decolonize Our Museums * radical museum studies * iconography can kill * #whitesupremacykills * #decolonizeourmuseums

  • Expressive Arts Workshops

    Reclaiming economic theory * #personalmanifesto * Embodied Self-Care in Community * Healing Arts Workshops * #iamauniverse * #abunDANCE * * Resist Gentrification with Community Agency Responsibility Resilience! * #Right2Remain * Jataka Fables Community Theatre Workshop * Speculative Fiction Arts Workshop for Visioning Futures

  • to #ferguson with love

    know our history, own our history: on josephine baker and cultural iconography on post-racism as social stratification on community resilience and resistance on race as caste on scott joplin and whitewashing on blackface: #ShutItDown


Reinterpreting genocidal Bengali folk “Adventures of the Lotus Brothers / Lal Kamal aar Neel Kamal” at Puja

Adapting genocidal Bengali folk musical  as a reinterpretation to call out the...

03rd Oct

Gxrl from Chayanta: for you, love will not be over

“Gxrl from Chayanta: for you, love will not be over,” a community...

17th Sep

Commonbound #personalmanifesto testimonials

“you two were fantastic and the light of my life at commonbound...

26th Aug

a performance homage to Sojourner Truth’s “ain’t I a woman?”

“A womxn’s vote is in the home” – an interactive community performance...

14th Aug

Facilitating “Reclaiming Economic Theory with the #PersonalManifesto – A Guided Arts Workshop” at #CommonBound : a Reflection

When the notion of new economy came up in the form of...

07th Aug