the godly hubris behind bad diplomacy

this is what bad diplomacy of the past, informed by hubris and...

31st Jul
the godly hubris behind bad diplomacy

Video Poem Project

Been meaning to make video poetry for years Got the skills. Needed...

15th Jul

Plein Aire du corps mâle

A pet skills-development project Skills to develop: drawing the body painting the...

04th Jun

Wonderful World – for Rally for World Food Justice

Jacob led by rapping his original piece “King of a Dead Planet.”...

24th May

“Precious Body” Wearables Hot in the Press!

The “Precious Body” Wearable Arts Collection apparently made front page of the...

13th May

Unveiled :: “Precious Body” Wearable Arts Collection

presenting “Precious Body ~ temple dance wear” reclaiming the warrior body into...

02nd May